Our Business

Our Business


We pack freshly made ingredients
brought in from a careful selection of famous manufacturers
using our completely automatic machines.
This automated process is strictly observed both by sensors
and the naked eye to create safe, reliable products.

Products carried

  • Soy sauce for sushi
  • Tofu sauce
  • Soy sauce and sauces for bento lunch boxes
  • sweet soy sauce
  • Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Natto sauce
  • Molasses

Flexible support

We handle a range of products suited to a variety of demands,
including microwaveable products or blow products tailored for export.

Manufacturing process

Container Lineup

Rectangular Cylindrical Fish-shaped
Rectagular Medium (about 15 cc) Round C8 (about 5.8 cc) Big Fish (about 8 cc)
Rectangular C8 (about 5.8 cc) Cylinder 3.5 (about 2.8 cc) Sea Bream (about 3 cc)
  MD 3.0 (about 2.4 cc) Small Fish (about 4 cc)
  Cylinder 3.0 (about 2.4 cc) Tiny Fish (about 2.1 cc)
  Cylinder 2.5 (about 2.1 cc)  
We can also handle sizes and shapes other than those listed here.
Please feel free to contact us about anything you need.


We welcome inquiries

From seasoning flavors and formulas to container size, shape, and cap color,
we can produce items according to our customers’ needs.
We can even create completely original products.
We can consult on the following items.

  • We can propose and create flavors for customers who need particular seasonings.
  • We carry gluten-free or low-sodium soy sauce for diet, allergies, and health-conscious customers.
  • We can also handle colored containers and labels (company names, etc.)This is perfect for creating a sense of luxury and originality.

Overseas Expansion

With rise in popularity of Japanese food worldwide, Oishiya’s products are now loved all around the world.
We meet our customer’s needs by creating products based on local preferences and by striving to create a food safety management system that meets global standards such as FDA Food Facility Registration and FSSC22000.